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Vodafone Group plc is a British multinational telecommunications company with headquarters in London, that owns and operates networks in over 30 countries and partner with networks in over 50 more, being the world's second-largest mobile telecommunications company. Because Vodafone does more than just mobile in many markets, more customers look to Vodafone for great value in their fixed line and broadband services too, choosing between Prepaid Voice Plans, Prepaid 3G Internet Plans, Prepaid Refills and business solutions. With you can send international mobile recharges and top up Vodafone cell phones in Turkey, Spain, Romania, India, Ghana, Fiji and Egypt.

Special Bonus for Tigo
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Promotional Balance "Tigo Day"
Operator: Tigo
Country: Colombia
Denominations (COP): From 10,000 & up
Date: Every Friday in October

Terms and Conditions:
- Top ups from 10,000 - 19,999 customers will receive 30 minutes per Tigo day, expires in 10 days
- Top ups from 20,000 - 29,999 customers will receive 70 minutes per Tigo day, expires in 10 days
- Top ups over 30,000 customers will receive 90 minutes per Tigo day, expires in 10 days
- Promotional bonus will apply only on Tigo Networks
- Applies to users Prepayment Account Control and Tigo performing refills from $ 10,000
- The validity of Tigo Day starts at 00:05 am and ends at 11:59 pm on that day is promoted as Tigo
- Promotional Bonus applies extra minutes to call mobiles Tigo. Bonuses do not apply additional minutes for calls to landlines and other operators
- For new users, Tigo Day applies after second top up
2x Bonus for Kolbi
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Double (2x) Bonus by the Last Digit of the Cell Number
Operator: Kolbi (ICE)
Country: Costa Rica
Denominations (USD): 5 and up
Days/Ending Cell Number:
Monday 1 & 2
Tuesday 3 & 4
Wednesday 5 & 6
Thursday 7 & 8
Friday 9 & 0
Date: From 01 Sep 2014 00:00 To 31 Oct 2014 23:59 (GMT-06:00)

Terms and Conditions:
- The bonus balance will expire within 7 days
- The bonus balance applies to International Calls, Domestic calls within the Kolbi Network, International SMS, MMS and Internet Usage
- Other restrictions may apply depending on the end users plan. User must contact Kolbis customer service for more information
500% Bonus for Cellcom
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: 500% bonus
Operator: Cellcom Liberia
Date: from 4th August 2014 until further notice

Terms & Conditions
- Available on all recharges
- Bonus expires 12 midnight the same day of recharge
- Bonus airtime can be used for ONNET calls only
21-24 October: 2x Bonus for Cubacel
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Double (2x) Airtime Bonus
Operator: Cubacel (ETECSA)
Country: Cuba
Denominations: (CUC): 20 to 50
Date: From October 21st 00:00 EST to October 24th 23:59 EST; All dates are listed in US Eastern time.

Terms and Conditions:
- Both, initial amount and bonus amount do not have expiration date to be used.
- Bonus amount can be used by any service available to Cubacel prepaid customers.
- Current prepaid rates will be applied to the bonus amount.
- Based on the initial amount (without considering bonus amount) Cubacel mobile subscribers will be subjected to the following activation cycle:
From 20 to 29.99 CUC - 180 days
From 30 to 39.99 CUC - 270 days
From and up 40 CUC - 330 days
- In all cases, after the active period expires, Cubacel subscribers will enjoy 30 additional days to receive SMS and calls from other active mobile (TFA) or from mobiles outside Cuba. This period will allow the customer to Topup the mobile before it gets deactivated.
2x Bonus for Viva
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Double (2x) Balance
Operator: Viva DR
Country: Dominican Republic
Denominations (USD): $10 & up
Date: From 17 Oct 2014 00:00 To 10 Dec 2014 23:59 (GMT-04:00)

Terms and Conditions:
- The promotion consists in that all international recharges from USD10 made during the period of the promotion, will have a free DOUBLE BONUS
- The DOUBLE BONUS of recharge applies to all Prepaid plans of both technologies:
- Annually1 (VIVA ANNUAL 1)
- Annually2 (VIVA ANNUAL 2)
- Annually3 (VIVA ANNUAL 3)
- The bonus applies to all international recharges from USD10 regardless of the amount, that is, whenever a top up is at least USD$8, will receive twice the recharged

Promotional Balance Expiration:
- The bonus will be valid for 3 days (from the time it is granted) to be consumed
3x Bonus for Claro
Terms and Conditions
Promotion: Triple (3x) Balance
Operator: Claro
Country: Nicaragua
Denominations (USD): from $5.00 & up
Date: From 22 Oct 2014 00:00 To 22 Oct 2014 23:59 (GMT-06:00)

Terms and Conditions:
- Claro network calls
- Calling International destinations
- Calling other operators (according to the user profile)
- For refills $5 to $11 your bonus will expire in 30 days
- For refills $12 or more your bonus will expire in 45 days

Exceptions promotional balance (not to be used)
- Send Text Messages
- Internet browsing
- Calling other national operators (according to the user profile)
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